New book explains how to talk to clients about overweight pets – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Purina has published ‘New Perspectives on Pet Obesity, Moving to a Behavioral Science Model’, an e-book that explores new ways of tackling weight management with clients. The book includes interviews with researchers and thought leaders, including Professor Jeff French, Hugues Ruault du Plessis and Professor Thomas Webb. There’s a chapter on ways to influence owner … Read more

Purina encourages vet nurses to talk more about nutrition – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Purina Petcare will be holding CPD talks at its stand at BVNA Congress (7th-9th October) where it will share practical tips for having more collaborative nutritional conversations with clients. Laura Hughes, Veterinary Nurse Development Manager for Purina UK and Ireland (pictured right) said: “All of our CPD talks on the stand are certified and each … Read more

Can artificial intelligence really help us talk to the animals? | Language

or dolphin handler makes the signal for “together” with her hands, followed by “create”. The two trained dolphins disappear underwater, exchange sounds and then emerge, flip on their backs and lift their tails. They have devised a new trick of their own and performed it in tandem, just as requested. “It doesn’t prove that there’s … Read more

BVU – employers, ‘talk to us’ to fight the cost of living crisis

A union leader has urged employers to work with her organization – or risk the veterinary sector’s cost of living crisis becoming much worse. British Veterinary Union (BVU) chairperson Suzanna Hudson-Cooke said recent pay increases in the sector were inadequate and revealed members were already reporting staff giving up their jobs because of rising costs. … Read more

They Talk | My Shetland

Despite the menacing sky, I found the old men all resting in their field (apparently it had been raining on my OH at work all day so he gave up and went into town – sucks to be him!) I love this photo. I feel that Haakon is telling Klængur how to take over The … Read more

Do not talk to Storm

No one is talking to Storm. He was awful this morning. I am very cross – no, disappointed, that’s worse – with him. While Vitamin was eating her daily bucket, he nipped in and shovelled as much as he could. I was putting barrier cream on Tiddles’ nose and Storm took advantage of my absence. … Read more

‘Defiant’ Husky Told To Get Into His Kennel And Uses ‘English’ To Talk Back

We absolutely love watching videos with Huskies and this one is no different! However, we highly recommend to listen closely to the video below because we swear that he is speaking English! “Go in your house” is a phrase that has been said to Brian, a gorgeous Siberian Husky with distinctive deep blue eyes. However, … Read more