Marvelous Mama Cat Takes On Care Of Second Litter For Ten Kittens Total

At first glance of Mama Macy in an Instagram photo surrounded by a sea of ​​tiny kittens, she looks quite unsure about her maternal duties. Between her litter and the one she adopted, Macy has quite the clowder on her paws. But foster mom Wilma assures this amazing cat is a wonderful mother to her … Read more

Mama Dog Who Lost Her Litter Is A Miracle For Ten Orphaned Puppies

When Lexi Johnson, a volunteer foster for Ruff Start Rescue, was presented with the opportunity to take in a pregnant pup Poppy, she was thrilled. As a dog lover, and as someone who studied animal behavior, she had always wanted to foster a pregnant mama dog. Her heart was bursting, and she excitedly shared the … Read more

Bengal Cat Returns Home After Ten Long Weeks Missing

The month of February brought about indescribable pain and grief for two Swinton, Manchester, locals who suffered the loss of both of their beloved kitties on the very same day. On the evening of February seventh, Ann Jones opened the door of her home to receive the most devastating news: her beautiful, one-and-a-half-year-old Bengal kitty, … Read more

Ten Days After Falling From A Boat, Bengal Cat Miraculously Reunites With Family

Like most Bengal cats, Luchs craves adventure and loves water. But this one-year-old Bengal girl does not just have a passing fancy for the water. Luchs’s love for aquatic exploration has transformed this rosette darling into a sailor. She loves being out on the catamaran with her family as they cruise the waters of Auckland, … Read more