Texas Fire Dog Unlocks Door And Saves Stranded First Responder

It was one first responder’s unlucky day when he accidentally locked himself outside of the Public Safety building at night. But lucky for him, fire dog Koda was on the lookout and was there at the exact right moment to save the day. Surveillance cameras captured how the super-smart Golden Retriever was able to jump … Read more

‘I was too close’: Texas woman gored by bison shares video to warn hikers | Animals

A woman in Texas who recorded a cellphone video of herself surviving getting gored by a bison has admonished fellow hikers about the perils of too closely encountering such an immense animal. Rebecca Clark was on a solo hike in Caprock Canyons park, home of Texas’ state bison herd, when she came across a group … Read more

Man Breaks Into Texas Shelter And Releases Dogs, Resulting In Disaster

Around 150 dogs were residing at Animal Services in Abilene, Texas, prior to August 26th, 2022. In the early hours of that Friday morning, a man broke into the shelter and unlocked several of the kennels, causing chaos. The man climbed the fence surrounding the shelter and came in through the roof. He then released … Read more

Adorable Texas Pup Asks Facebook Users For Help Finding Long Lost Siblings

In October 2015, a little puppy named Frito was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes, a rescue. He was there with his six siblings: Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali, Buddy and Aspen. All of the puppies were adopted into loving forever homes, each separately, so they have been separated since. Frito is in desperate need of playdates, … Read more

Multiple Dogs Rescued From Deadly Pileup In Fort Worth, Texas

Since many of us rely on cars for daily transportation, it’s easy to forget that driving always poses a potential risk. Cars are heavy machinery, and accidents can happen to anyone. Fortunately, fire departments and emergency crews are prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives in the event of a crash. On the … Read more

Texas Cat Lost During Maine Traffic Accident Shows Up 11 Days Later

A Texas family, a terrifying accident, and the triumphant return of a beloved lost pet came together last month to create what some are calling a real-life Homeward Bound. The Tally family was on the adventure of a lifetime last month when tragedy struck. While driving along a highway in the Pine Tree State of … Read more

‘Lost’ alligator found in west Texas desert in ‘rare sighting’ | Texas

Finding alligators in swampy states like Florida and Louisiana is no big deal, but it’s much different when you’re talking about the west Texas desert. And that’s exactly where one of the large reptiles turned up last week, when Midland county sheriff’s office secret spotted a gator at a trailer park. The law enforcement agency … Read more

Dog Dies After Being Cruelly Abandoned In Sweltering Texas Heat

It was Friday, May 13th, in Parker County, Texas, when authorities were called to investigate a case of animal cruelty. The day was swelteringly hot in the southern state, and temperatures had topped out at 102 degrees. Neighbors noticed an extremely concerning set of circumstances happening next door and decided to call in reinforcements for … Read more