I thought I had seen the worst of online abuse – then I posted about my dog ​​| Sofie Hagen

The thought I had already experienced the worst internet abuse – until I posted online about my dog, Hank. I had been wondering if I should take him to the vet, after finding some scary-looking lumps on his chest. When I got Hank, I thought I was vigorously prepared. I had done all the research, … Read more

She Thought He Was Another Abuse Case, But His Microchip Scan ‘Freaked Her Out’

When shelter workers came upon a stunning purebred Husky named Nate roaming the streets like a stray, it was an unusual sight. However, it became clear that Nate was unlike other homeless dogs when his hollow and haunted eyes betrayed a tragic history. Please meet Nate! Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video When the … Read more

Parents Thought Dog Was ‘Caring’ For Baby But See Baby’s Foot In Dog’s Mouth

Evo, the Alaskan Malamute, enjoys playing “babysitter” to his four-month-old human brother, Adam. He’s always been quite vigilant with regard to his little brother, and he looks forward to spending time watching and amusing him. Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – Rumble Viral During naptime, in the video below, we see Evo keeping … Read more

Man Thought He Was Going To Save A Puppy But He Got ‘Ambushed And Attacked’

On the outskirts of a city, a tiny puppy was abandoned. The pup was despondent from waiting in the empty woods and so the traveler informed a local dog shelter for assistance. Milan, a rescuer from “Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac,” went to save the solitary puppy not knowing what he would face. Milan traveled over … Read more