As Her Turn On The Kill-List Drew Closer, ‘Ugly’ Dog Believed Her Time Was Up

When Aimee the Pit Bull was only six months old, she arrived at Carson Animal Care Center in California. It was clear that she’d been neglected to an extent. Her diseased skin was peeling off in patches, and it looked like she was in a lot of discomfort. Image / Story Source Credit: Saving Carson … Read more

Girl Rescues Dying Dog And Then He Let Her Know It’s Time To Say ‘Goodbye’

We have all seen rescue stories and dogs that are close to visiting the Rainbow Bridge. They always touch our hearts and this one is no different. Please meet Sophiane and Hippo, this is their story. Even though this homeless dog was beyond help, Sophiane Nacer still wanted to give him the finest ‘end of … Read more

Bum-breathing Irwin’s turtle detected in north Queensland for first time in 25 years | Queensland

DNA detection methods from water samples in north Queensland have unearthed the existence of a “bum-breathing” species of turtle last seen in the region more than 25 years ago. James Cook University researchers analyzed environmental DNA (eDNA) from the water in the Burdekin River, near Ayr, confirming the presence of Irwin’s turtles across numerous sites. … Read more

Starving Mama Dog And Her Malnourished Newborns Saved Just In Time

With many cases in animal rescue, timing is critical. One ticking clock scenario is when rescuers have the chance to save newborn puppies. The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are critical, and proper nutrition is essential to their well-being and growth. When an abandoned female dog gave birth on the streets in 2020, … Read more

Dorset ospreys produce egg for first time in 200 years | Environment

A pair of ospreys have made the first breeding attempt in southern England for almost 200 years. Conservationists are delighted that a pair of birds at Poole Harbor, Dorset, have produced an egg, which they are guarding at a nest in a secret location. Thanks to nest cameras, viewers can watch the female osprey incubate … Read more

Country diary 1922: nesting time for squirrels | Wildlife

Cumberland Two baby squirrels, the jolliest little creatures imaginable, prettier far than the fox and pine marten cubs which we have seen occasionally at a farmstead in the fell dales, were running on the ground in a little wooded ghyll a few hundred yards up on the mountain -side. They were infantile in their movements … Read more

Dog Cries As She Heard ‘Newborn’ Baby Crying For The First Time And Knew ‘What To Do’

For those who have brought home a newborn or child into their home with an existing 4-legged fur-baby, this story is so sweet. Meet Bella, the Boxer who met Malina, her new best friend. This is their story! Bella the Boxer dog has always been a favorite of her family. When Bella’s mother was expecting … Read more

Country diary: A race against time for this thick broth of frogspawn | Wildlife

Things change fast this time of year. One moment it feels like summer, the next like deepest winter. New migrants arrive every day. One morning this week I found that the muddy area by the gate in the horses’ field had morphed overnight into a thriving colony of common frogs. What had been a marshy, … Read more