Nor Her Turn On The Kill-List Drew Closer, “Ugly” Dog Believed Her Time Was Up

When Aimee the Pit Bull was only six months old, she arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. It was clear that she’d been neglected to an extent. Her diseased skin was peeling off in patches, and it looked like she was in a lot of discomfort. Image/Story Source Credit: Saving Carson Shelter … Read more

Pine marten spotted in London for the first time in more than a century Endangered species

A pine marten has been spotted in London for the first time in more than a century after being pictured on a camera trap installed to monitor hedgehogs. The endangered mustelid was driven to extinction in England a hundred years ago and was only sighted again for the first time in the Shropshire hills in … Read more

Breakfast Time | My Shetland

Nothing much to say today. Just the usual really. Here is breakfast for those who have breakfast (Haakon and Iacs, plus Vitamin) and, of course, Pepper comes too. Her job is to clear up. Pepper selflessly stuffs herself with anything that drops. I tell myself it is roughage. The cozzie is at half-mast so she … Read more

More than 100 hen harriers fledge in England for the first time in a century Conservation

Nearly 120 rare hen harrier chicks have fledged in England this year, the highest number for more than a century, England’s conservation agency has said. Natural England and its partners recorded 119 hen harrier chicks successfully fledging from nests across uplands in County Durham, Cumbria, Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire. A fledgling is a young bird … Read more

Inspirational Surfing Therapy Dog Hits The Waves One Last Time

“Surf Dog Ricochet” is a famous Golden Retriever known for serving as a therapy dog ​​and helping people with disabilities surf. She’s great at what she does, but as she gets older and faces health struggles, surfing gets harder. So, every human has decided that a recent adventure will likely be Ricochet’s last time riding … Read more

Writing on the wall for veterinary radiologists as IVC installs artificial intelligence to slash diagnostic time – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

IVC Evidensia has adopted a new technology which uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate radiology diagnostic reports in minutes instead of days. The technology, developed by US firm SignalPET, sends X-rays through an AI machine algorithm to get a more or less instantaneous report, rather than needing a radiology specialist to analyze results, which can … Read more

Little Bitty Black Cat October Is “Taking Over The World One Blep At A Time”

In many countries and cultures, black cats are considered good luck. Anyone who thinks otherwise has obviously never spent time with these beautiful felines made from shadows. Far from unlucky, these furry voids are bottomless wells of love and snuggles. And those fortunate enough to be owned by one know that there’s just some unique … Read more

Endangered sea turtles found on Louisiana islands for the first time in 75 years Louisiana

For the first time in 75 years, hatchlings of the world’s smallest sea turtle species have been discovered on the Chandeleur Islands, a chain of barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of New Orleans. Wildlife experts at the Breton national wildlife refuge have documented more than 53 turtle crawls and two … Read more

When is the best time to geld your colt?

Castration is one of the most common routine surgical procedures performed on horses in the UK. To facilitate management and to avoid unwanted breeding, most male horses are castrated. Only a small proportion is kept ‘entire’ (uncastrated) for breeding purposes. Horses are most frequently castrated at home under field conditions. We have the option of performing the surgery while the horse is standing or under general anesthesia. More complex surgeries tend to involve a trip to the hospital.

Horses can be castrated at any age, but a number of factors will influence the timing and the choice of surgical procedure.

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Kate McKinnon’s Cat Isn’t So Sure About His Mom Spending More Time At Home

Kate McKinnon keeps busy. Between movies, appearances, and her decade-long run on Saturday Night Live, she’s out of the house a good bit. And her cat, Nino, has been alright with his mom’s schedule because it gives him more time to go about his catting. But with her time at SNL recently finished, Kate has … Read more