sponsored Vet Times Extra: Jenny Helm on canine lungworm and owner education

In this episode, we speak to Jenny Helm on the subject of asymptomatic cases of lungworm in dogs, as well as findings from a study around the length of time Angiostrongylus vasorum can survive in the environment. Jenny Helm BVMS CertSAM Dip-ECVIM CA FHEA MRCVS Jenny graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of … Read more

sponsored Vet Times Extra: Thomas Webb on pet obesity and behavioral science

Thomas Webb, a professor of psychology at the University of Sheffield, will explain how research insights into owner beliefs and behaviors can help support owners in the difficult journey of pet weight management. Prof Webb studies self-regulation, looking into how people control their thoughts, feelings and behavior in order to achieve their goals. Applying his … Read more

sponsored Vet Times Extra: Charlotte Dawson on anti-collagenase therapy for corneal ulcers

In this Vet Times Extra podcast, we are talking about eyes with veterinary ophthalmology specialist Charlotte Dawson. We will be chatting to Charlotte specifically about the use of anti-collagenase therapy in the management of corneal ulcers in dogs and cats. Charlotte Dawson BVetMed, DipECVO, MRCVS Charlotte Dawson graduated from the RVC in 2009, and after … Read more

Vet Times Podcast, Ep 69: Phil Elkins on farm management teams

With herds getting larger, many farms have introduced professionalized farm teams. But what are they? Phil Elkins explains what they are, what they should be involved in and how they are evolving in this Vet Times podcast. Phil Elkins BVM & S, CertAVP (Cattle), MRCVS Phil graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2005 and … Read more

VN Times Podcast, Ep 29: Happy Hour 13 – finding your nursing niche

The VN Times VN Happy Hour broadcast on 28 April 2002, entitled “Finding your nursing niche”, looked at how developing a nursing specialism can enhance your clinical career. Guests this month included Emma Gerrarda specialist staff theater nurse at a not-for-profit community interest practice and the first VN to hold an officer position for the … Read more

Vet Times Podcast, Ep 67: Choosing a better life for animals, with Sean Wensley

Titled Through a Vet’s Eyes: How We Can All Choose a Better Life for Animals, Sean Wensley’s book explores our relationship with animals; how we treat them, how we get it wrong and what we can do to fix it. Ahead of its release on April 28, we have invited Sean back to the Vet … Read more

VN Times Podcast, Ep 28: Lacey Pitcher on mental health and well-being

Lacey Pitcher tells us all about her new role at the RCVS as part of the Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) team, how the role aligns with her core values ​​and allows her to continue working in practice as a RVN locum. Lacey shares how she balances these two roles, her thoughts on well-being within the … Read more

sponsored Vet Times Extra: management of canine OA

Hannah Capon and Gwen Covey-Crump analyze the importance of not only achieving compliance, but also adherence and concordance (plus what those terms actually mean!). They also discuss new approaches and products that can positively impact the success of a canine OA care plan, including the first and only weekly oral NSAID, Daxocox®. Hannah Capon, MA, … Read more