Tiny solar backpacks could help save the plains wanderer – one of Australia’s most endangered birds Birds

A joint plan to save an endangered bird species from extinction is benefitting from an experimental tool – tiny solar-powered backpacks. Plains wanderers are small, fawn-colored, ground-dwelling birds with speckled throats that live in the semi-arid grasslands of north-western Victoria and the New South Wales Riverina. The birds were once found across eastern Australia, but … Read more

Tiny Dog Charges At Attacking Bear To Save His Human’s Life

Heroes come in all sizes. Yes, that even includes tiny lap dogs. 61-year-old Susan Lee was walking her Jack Russell Terrier and Labradoodle in the town of Strafford, Vermont, when a black bear charged at her and attacked her. Lee thought those would be her final moments alive. But it was her little Jack Russell … Read more

Heartbroken Man Who Was Saved By A Chihuahua Has Rescued Over 30 Tiny Dogs

Bobby Humphreys is a big guy doing big things in rescue – for little dogs! Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary is Bobby’s passion project. He cares for and rehomes tiny Chihuahuas who have had rough beginnings or special needs. But just a few years ago if you had told Bobby that he’d be spending his … Read more

Country diary: My eye is caught by a leveret, tiny and still | Wildlife

TheI’m learning how to scythe, and am caught up with the lovely, unfamiliar terms. The snath, the heel, the beard, the tang. We’re shown how to assemble the scythes to fit our frames and then practice using them at the edges of the football pitch. Our tutor tells us that he originally planned the day … Read more

Wild Leopard Attacks Tiny Puppy On Security Cam, Mom Comes To The Rescue

In an incredible video of a fearless rescue, a female momma dog defended her pups from a Leopard on the India estate. The leopard was after the mother’s helpless puppy. That same leopard did not realize that this mama dog was not going to let her pup go without a fight. Image / Story Source … Read more

Tiny Kitten Without Eyes Finds The Purrfect Forever Home

The Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) has long been known as one of the world’s most prominent, dedicated, and passionate animal rescue organizations. And with more than 800 paid employees and over 9,000 volunteers, the BFAS has saved thousands of lives. Their ultimate goal is to make every shelter in every community no-kill by the … Read more

Tiny Dog Runs Up To Cop, Starts Barking Loudly And ‘Begs’ The Cop To Follow Him

A tiny dog ​​was sobbing and tugging at an officer’s uniform while directing him towards a certain direction. Officer Christopher Bisceglia recognized that something was wrong and took action since the dog’s continuous barking made him suspicious. Image / Story Source Credit: CBS Boston – via YouTube Video The officer noticed something terrible had happened, … Read more

Man Picks Up Tiny Puppy Who Was ‘Whining’ In Pain On The Road And Takes Him Home

Many people adore their pets. However, some families make an unethical choice by dumping them on the street or giving them to shelters, which is a tragedy. While walking down a dark empty street at night, a North African villager heard heartbreaking cries coming from along the roadside. Following the howls, he discovered a tiny … Read more