5 Top Tips for getting accepted by a dog rehoming center

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With so many dogs needing new homes, rescuing a dog is the perfect solution. Virtually all rehoming centers want to ensure they are providing long lasting, loving homes for their pets. They want to ensure safety and suitability for both pet and owner. Because of this, there are set requirements that must be met in order to allow you to be accepted for adopting a pet dog. Below, we will discuss our top tips and adaptations you can make to increase your likelihood of being accepted for a dog.

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5 tips to build client rapport

Establishing client rapport is paramount to any consultation. Without client rapport, trust is difficult to establish and clients are less likely to follow your recommendations. Type #1: Never forget to greet the pet. We have seen a good deal of negative publicity regarding veterinary surgeons in the media, so now, more than ever, we need … Read more

Halloween Safety Tips For Cats

Greetings, my pawsome human minions. ‘Tis Forrest Wisewhiskers, here again, with the cat knowledge you yearn to learn. Halloween is upon us, bringing to life the season of the witch. And when you think of witches, what do you think of next? That’s right, the cat—her faithful familiar. But let me ask you this…is it … Read more

Tips for a junior assistant going out on a pig call

I can hear you groaning and turning on to the next page of Own Times. How can a 78-year-old veterinary surgeon who qualified in 1966 possibly remember what it was like to be the most junior assistant in a mixed practice when he can’t even find the app on his smartphone to help him find … Read more

Bon voyage – tips on traveling safely with pets

Traveling abroad safely with pets can easily become a nightmare, and it is vitally important that we remain up to date with correct and relevant information so that we can guide and prepare our clients as effectively as possible. When it comes to traveling abroad with pets, a lot of things need to be considered, … Read more

Wordle tips from me and Grandma | Grandparents and grandparenting

Kamala Harris suggests “notes” as a starting word (Notes on a Wordle: Kamala Harris describes love for online word game, 18 April). My grandma and I use “audio”, because it has four vowels. If “audio” has no letters in the word we try “entry”. Grandma and I usually get the Wordle on our fourth or … Read more

Top 10 tips for eco-friendly shopping for your pet

We’re all becoming far more conscious about the environmental impact of our day-to-day actions. As such, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably taken the time to look at your lifestyle and where you can make more eco-friendly choices. After all, we share our planet with so many species; as animal lovers, we have to be mindful of the damage we’re doing to their habitat, too. So, if you’ve been trying your best to ‘do your bit’, have you considered your pet? Is there such a thing as sustainable pet care?

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