‘Come clean’, Defra told in fresh badger culling row

Defra has been accused of spreading confusion around its efforts to tackle bTB in a new flashpoint over badger culling. The Badger Trust has attacked what it sees as a lack of transparency on where intensive culls are now taking place and their expected impact on badger numbers. Defra officials insist the number of new … Read more

Brazilians told to stop attacks on monkeys over monkeypox | Monkeypox

The World Health Organization has stressed that monkeypox outbreaks are not linked to monkeys, following a number of reported attacks on primates in Brazil. “What people need to know is that the transmission we are seeing is happening between humans,” a WHO spokesperson, Margaret Harris, told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday. She said the primates … Read more

Deaf Dog Was Told He’s Not Allowed In The Pool, Throws ‘Oscar-Worthy’ Temper Tantrum

It’s a beautiful day, and Max the Great Dane just wants to dive into the pool and enjoy a nice swim. But mom isn’t having it! Unfortunately, his human doesnt want him to swim. This big guy starts whimpering softly, but soon it becomes piercing howls. Similar to a child who is being denied his … Read more

Adorable Shelter Pup Does A Happy Dance When Told She’s Getting Adopted

The Wayne County Humane Society in Wooster, Ohio, has dedicated itself to finding families for homeless shelter pets since 1973. A non-profit, no-kill shelter with impressive adoption rates, Wayne County Humane has been described as a great place with wonderful people . One such wonderful person is Joe Kay, an adoption coordinator, and self-described “dog … Read more

‘Defiant’ Husky Told To Get Into His Kennel And Uses ‘English’ To Talk Back

We absolutely love watching videos with Huskies and this one is no different! However, we highly recommend to listen closely to the video below because we swear that he is speaking English! “Go in your house” is a phrase that has been said to Brian, a gorgeous Siberian Husky with distinctive deep blue eyes. However, … Read more