Brazilian Traveler Dies Alongside His Beloved Dog In Tragic Accident

A Brazilian man and his faithful canine travel companion died tragically in a car accident just days before completing the road trip of a lifetime. Jesse Kozechen, an Instagram influencer and self-proclaimed wanderer, was 29 years old at the time of the accident. He and his Golden Retriever, Shurastey, died immediately on impact. Instagram The … Read more

Olympian Rescues Another Dog From A Korean Meat Farm After Pup’s Tragic Death

As an Olympian and a Gold Medalist, skier Gus Kenworthy has a huge platform. A lifelong animal lover, Kenworthy uses that platform to advocate for their welfare. His rescue dogs are incredibly important to him, and they inspire him to work with animal welfare organizations both in the US and abroad. When he’s not freestyle … Read more

Kind Strangers Save 160-Pound Dog After Tragic Hit-And-Run

Not all heroes wear capes. While some families might turn away at the sight of tragedy, one couple turned towards it and saved the day. Merlin, the 160-pound Irish Wolfhound, was the victim of a hit-and-run in South Carolina. His dad, Zachary Corrado, sat beside him and cried out for someone to help. Drew Kreiling … Read more

Fans Are Furious When Katie Price Gets New Dog After 4 Tragic Pet Deaths

Four animals have died under the care of media personality Katie Price, but is it a horrible coincidence or a pattern? All the incidents were described as sudden tragedies, but after recent events, fans grew skeptical. Not only did three of Price’s dogs die far too soon, but she also gave away one that was … Read more