Ewing Police Detective Rescues Petrified Pup Trapped In A Blazing House Fire

Every once in a while, a hero comes along whose bravery and selflessness are simply unmatched. And when that hero involves themselves in the welfare of animals, an entire society of pet-lovers worldwide gathers to rally. One such hero is Detective Julia Caldwell of the Ewing, NJ, police department. Caldwell made headlines earlier this month … Read more

Rabbit survives 30-mile roadtrip trapped in grille after being hit by car | Animals

A rabbit has survived a journey of more than 30 miles while trapped in the grille of a car after being hit by the driver. Mark Pearson was driving between Pwllheli and Bangor in Wales last Tuesday when he heard a loud “thump” in the outskirts of Nefyn. The 46-year-old said that after hearing the … Read more

US Drone Pilot Uses Infrared Camera To Save Trapped Ukraine Pets

Doug Thron travels around the world to save abandoned pets during natural disasters. Amid events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires, he uses his drone to locate life in destroyed buildings. He recently moved his rescue work to Kyiv, Ukraine, to save all the innocent pets that are trapped in the rubble. The infrared camera on … Read more

Firefighters Save Dog Trapped In Submerged Vehicle For 20 Minutes

Thanks to an incredible team of volunteer firefighters, a small dog survived in a submerged vehicle. After a car fell into the water, seemingly caused by a crash, the driver made it out safely, but their furry friend was still trapped inside. Luckily, the pup found an air pocket to hide in, which helped him … Read more

Neighbors Spot A Starving Pit Bull Trapped On The Top Floor Of A Crumbling House

As if living life as a homeless pup isn’t hard enough, imagine finding a place that you thought was safe, only for it to start crumbling around you. For weeks, a sweet stray Pittie now named Lily was stuck high up in an abandoned house, all by herself. But brave rescuers refused to give up … Read more

Firefighters Save Two Dogs Trapped On A Waterfall In Jaw-Dropping Rescue Mission

A Good Samaritan placed a call to 911 after stumbling across two pups in a desperate situation. While walking the path near Shequagua Falls, she heard the barks of two furry friends that managed to escape their owners. Not only were they on the run, but they somehow found themselves on a tiny ledge above … Read more

Hungry javelina, trapped in car, goes for a drive in Arizona | Arizona

A hungry javelina ended up going for a drive in Arizona when it became trapped inside an empty car and bumped it into neutral. Javelinas are pig-like animals that are native to desert environments. Deputies in Yavapai county responded to a call last week in Cornville, a community 10 miles south of Sedona, about a … Read more