Meteorologists’ Dog Interrupts Weathercast In Search Of Treats

Fellow fans of both dogs and news bloopers: you’re going to love this one. A routine weather forecast on Global News Toronto suddenly became a starring vehicle for the meteorologist’s dog last week. Storm, as the dog is adorably named, wandered casually into his dad’s broadcast in search of treats. A total pro, Anthony Farnell … Read more

Heartbroken Dog Found Tied To Fire Hydrant With Bag Of Food, Treats & Toys

Kylie Engelhardt was devastated when she found a dog abandoned in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The small canine was tied to a fire hydrant with a backpack and a note. So, Engelhardt knew the dog’s family probably wasn’t coming back, but she tried to stay hopeful. After staying with the dog for a while, Engelhardt was … Read more

Golden Retriever Basically Treats Vet’s Office As If It’s The ‘Playground’

The experience of visiting the veterinarian, whether for a dog or for another animal, is never one to look forward to. Nobody wants to be poked and prodded while waiting for potentially devastating news, but it must be done for our own health’s sake. While most dogs try to avoid going to the doctor’s office … Read more