Sweet Tuxedo Kitten Adopts Two Brothers, Then Entire Welding Shop

When Pippit the kitten found herself abandoned and alone in a lakeside parking lot, the little tuxedo felt that it just wouldn’t do. So, she scanned the lot and spied two brothers returning from their usual lunchtime jog around the lake. Deciding they would be her new minions, Pippit turned on her best cute routine … Read more

Door-Opening Tuxedo Cat Starts Discussion On Merits Of Finely Dressed Felines

Oh, we humans think we’re so clever with our fancy thumbs and doorknobs. But one tuxedo cat wants us all to know that he’s got the door thing figured out, and he didn’t even need opposable thumbs. Just the motivation of some food to steal! The well-dressed gent’s escape abilities were caught on camera because … Read more

“Revolutionary” Tuxedo Kitty Inexplicably Loves Bath-Time

Reddit users have, once again, fallen head-over-heels for an adorable cat who has made its debut in a now-viral video doing something most cats dread: taking a bath. The video posted by Reddit user u / MehWhiteShark on March 31st shows an adorable tuxedo kitten enjoying a splash in the bathtub. During the beginning of … Read more