Chimpanzee escapes from zoo in under-fire Ukrainian city | Ukraine

A chimpanzee who escaped Kharkiv city zoo on Monday was persuaded to return by a zoo employee who wheeled it back on a bicycle. Staff at the zoo in Ukraine’s second largest city were struggling to persuade Chichi, who had wandered around the streets and a nearby park, to return to the zoo with them. … Read more

Charity unveils new support guides for Ukrainian refugee cat owners

Six months on from the Russian invasion, Cats Protection has released a new series of free care guides for Ukrainian refugees. The charity has linked up with author Bruce Fogle to produce three leaflets, which are available in both Ukrainian and English. Although thousands of Ukrainian refugees are now settled with host families in the … Read more

Ukrainian Sisters Face Russian Risk To Evacuate & Care For Cats In Need

Since February 24th, Ukraine has been under Russian attack. Half a year later, Ukrainian citizens have time and again proved their tenacity and strength of will. Even as Russian cruelty threatens their lives, they continue to endure. Among them are heroes fighting to help innocent animals. Sisters Evgeniya and Olga Drach are two brave animal … Read more

Telehealth platform helping Ukrainian pet owners needs UK veterinary volunteers

Vets and vet nurses in the UK have been asked to volunteer some time to help provide remote veterinary support to pet owners in Ukraine. For the past few months, Galaxy Vets Foundation has been collecting and delivering supplies for animal welfare organizations in the war-torn country, as well as providing pet owners with free … Read more

RVC to support Ukrainian university throughout war with Russia

The RVC has announced a new partnership to support education and research at a university in Ukraine. The college has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies (SGU) in Lviv, which will initially develop a framework to support SGU’s work during the ongoing war with Russia. … Read more

Vet housing Ukrainian family slams quarantine setbacks

A vet left stranded in France for three days with a Ukrainian refugee family and their dog has called on APHA to make urgent changes to its system for importing pets from the war-torn country. Following Russia brutal invasion of Ukraine in February, thousands of British families have signed up to the Homes for Ukraine … Read more

Brave Ukrainian Kitty Survives Putin Bombing, Becomes A Symbol Of Hope And Survival

It is no secret that the devastation caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine has significantly affected the lives of all citizens of this beautiful country – humans and animals alike. Over five million people have evacuated their homes in search of safety. Those that have stayed behind have been fighting relentlessly to return Ukraine … Read more

Ukrainian Woman Risks Her Life To Protect Over 700 Animals, Including A Lion!

Many people abandoned animals while fleeing Ukraine, but some heroes stayed behind to support the pets in need. Asya Serpinska, 77, walked towards the Russian conflict instead of running away. She was willing to put herself in danger because her animal shelter in Hostomel, a town above Kyiv, needed her. Serpinska had about 600 dogs … Read more

CVO offers vet advice to reduce rabies risk from non-compliant Ukrainian pets

UK CVO Christine Middlemiss has asked vets to report suspected illegal pet landings from Ukraine to help maintain the country 100-year rabies-free status. In a letter to the profession via RCVS Kate Richards, Dr Middlemiss advised on how to contact APHA if a rabies non-compliant Ukrainian pet is presented in practice. She stressed the primary … Read more

Ukrainian Reality Star Dodges Bullets To Save Up To 30 Dogs & Cats Per Day

Alexei Surovtsev is well-known in Ukraine. As an actor, striptease champion, and performer on his country version of Dancing With The Stars, he has amassed many fans. But Surovtsev’s greatest role to date is that of hero. His efforts to save stranded pets from the warzones of his hometown have earned him the nickname “Cat … Read more