New license claim for calf scour vaccine

Calf scour vaccine Bovilis Rotavec Corona is now licensed to boost antibodies against both F5 (K99) and F41 Escherichia coli adhesins, MSD has announced. The adhesins are the most commonly isolated fimbriae taken from calves suffering with infectious diarrhea. MSD said the new license claim means the vaccine combines the broadest calf scour protection available. … Read more

VetPartners report shows antibiotics drop

VetPartners says a report showing a steady reduction in the use of antibiotics across its practices will help its efforts to promote responsible use throughout the profession. Data collected in the VetPartners Antibiotic Stewardship Report 2022 shows each full-time equivalent (FTE) vet in the group prescribed an average 14.3% fewer antibiotics in the first six … Read more

National survey to gauge Q fever impact and knowledge

A national survey on the impact of Q fever has been launched for vets and farmers by Ceva Animal Health. The company, which makes the vaccine Coxevac, wants to seek views from both vets and their clients about how the disease affects livestock health, welfare and productivity – and assess how good awareness of Q … Read more

Badger ‘extinction’ warning as cull license details finally revealed

The “local extinction” of badgers in parts of England is now a reality because of the controversial culling policy intended to combat bTB, campaigners have claimed. The Badger Trust has accused Defra of turning the country into a “killing field” after it emerged that more than 67,000 of the mammals could be slaughtered this year … Read more

Winter fears prompt RSPCA appeal for new foster carers

The RSPCA has launched an urgent appeal for new pet foster carers amid fears the current animal welfare crisis will only get worse through the winter. The charity said it is already paying out around £26,000 a week for private boarders to look after hundreds of rescued animals that it cannot accommodate. Rehoming rates are … Read more

Idiopathic AHDS in dogs: treat with antibiotics or not?

Idiopathic acute haemorrhagic diarrhea syndrome (AHDS) – previously known as haemorrhagic gastroenteritis – remains the one disease where constant debate exists as to whether antibiotics should be used as part of the standard treatment. The logic behind using antibiotics to prevent bacterial translocation is sound, and if AHDS is truly initiated by Clostridium species or … Read more

Boehringer Ingelheim launches new preventive calf scour vaccine

A new calf scour vaccine, which is the first licensed to prevent diarrhea caused by both Escherichia coli and bovine rotavirus, has been unveiled by Boehringer Ingelheim. Tests suggest the Fencovis jab also substantially reduces the severity of diarrhea cases that are linked to bovine coronavirus. The product, which is now available in the UK … Read more

Resilience in the face of global challenges: a Sri Lankan case example

Imagine your Monday morning commute. You try to fill up at your local petrol station only to find a mile-long queue that’s been there since Friday – the petrol station is still dry. Public transportation options are limited – no fuel for buses and the train you’re lucky to board is standing room only. You … Read more

Consultation plan for bTB vaccine outlined

A consultation on how a vaccine against bTB might be deployed among the UK’s cattle population could begin within months, the BCVA’s annual congress has heard. Officials said it remains their aim to have a viable jab available for use in 2025, despite campaigners’ fears that controversial badger culling policies could continue beyond that date. … Read more