Tackling Salmonella hidden in dairy herds

The practice where the author works offers free quarterly bulk milk antibody screening to all of its dairy clients for Salmonella groups B and D, among other diseases. This is a useful tool to help understand herd’s disease status, often prompting further investigation. As a practice, it wanted to proactively monitor the disease status of … Read more

Mission Rabies delivers life-saving lessons to five million children

Mission Rabies is celebrating educating five million children worldwide since the charity was founded in 2013. The milestone is a result of the charity’s work delivering rabies prevention lessons to children in schools and local community groups in rabies hotspots. Mission Rabies was delivering a prevention program to control an outbreak of rabies and save … Read more

sponsored Part of the furniture… part of the future

Seventy years ago this year the Queen ascended the throne and Harry Corbett’s Sooty made his first appearance on the BBC. Slightly less well-known perhaps is that 2022 also sees Goddard Veterinary Group (GVG) celebrate its 70th anniversary. To mark the milestone, and dovetailing into Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM), we met up with two … Read more

Bovine respiratory disease – re-engaging an old challenge

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is a complex syndrome caused by multiple factors, including environmental and management-related stressors, and a long list of viral and bacterial pathogens. In combination, these factors overwhelm and dysregulate host immunity, and lead to disease. The financial costs and negative impacts of BRD, in both the dairy and beef sectors, are … Read more

Pirbright gains insight on how FMDV interacts with immune system

Research conducted at The Pirbright Institute revealing how foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) interacts with lymphoid tissues could lead to vaccines offering better immunity to livestock. The virus interacting with the immune system helps it to persist in animals such as African buffalo and means they become carriers of the disease that can pose a risk … Read more

Simplified license introduced in bid to boost number of badgers vaccinated against bTB

A new and simplified license for vaccinating badgers has been rolled out today (Thursday 26 May) as part of government plans to step up efforts to eradicate bovine TB (bTB) in England by 2038. The new license to trap badgers for vaccination enables those trained to undertake this activity to register as an “authorized person”. … Read more

Vet housing Ukrainian family slams quarantine setbacks

A vet left stranded in France for three days with a Ukrainian refugee family and their dog has called on APHA to make urgent changes to its system for importing pets from the war-torn country. Following Russia brutal invasion of Ukraine in February, thousands of British families have signed up to the Homes for Ukraine … Read more

Urge farmers to test for enzootic abortion of ewes – Ceva

Vets are being urged to encourage farming clients to test for enzootic abortion of ewes (EAE) if they have experienced an abortion rate above 2% in flocks or at at least two instances within a few days. According to data released by Ceva Animal Health from its 2021 Assure Ewe subsidized testing scheme, 48% of … Read more

When great minds think alike – vet and doctor collaboration

From a study with the potential to provide rapid diagnosis of infections in both veterinary and human hospitals, to new treatment research for rabies – the success of initiatives like Humanimal Hub show that when animal and human medics and scientists come together, good things happen. When veterinarian and public health specialist Darryn Knobel first … Read more

Allergies affecting horses – how RVNs can support such cases

Allergies are commonly seen in equine patients. This article will look at two of the main respiratory and skin allergies that affect horses, and investigate how the RVN can assist the vet with the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. Equine asthma Equine asthma (EA) is one of the most common respiratory diseases of modern-day … Read more