Not so happy bunnies: research reveals tear duct inflammation risk

Rabbit breeds at most risk of developing dacryocystitis have been revealed in a study by the RVC. Lionheads, mini lops, lops and dwarf lop rabbits are the most susceptible breeds to the inflammatory condition of the tear ducts. The research – a retrospective study released to mark International Rabbit Day tomorrow (September 24) – also … Read more

Pig cornea op saves bulldog Marley’s sight

A bulldog has been saved from blindness after having a pig’s cornea grafted into its eye. The three-year-old, named Marley, had already undergone surgery to have his left eye removed, and was facing a similar fate when he was referred to Willows Veterinary Center and Referral Service in Solihull. But he is now recovering well … Read more

Ophthalmology specialist saves ‘remarkable’ Tollie’s sight twice

A Labrador retriever that heads a canine “dynasty” of care spanning at least three generations has had her sight saved twice by specialists in Cheshire. Fourteen of Tollie’s puppies have been donated to Guide Dog charities in the UK and France, while six more have gone to other good causes. But the 13-year-old needed the … Read more

Canine eye case rise prompts warning

The head of ophthalmology at a referral center said his team has seen a significant rise in cases of dogs with diabetes being referred too late to save their sight. James Oliver, head of the ophthalmology team at Dick White Referrals (DWR) in Cambridgeshire, called for better education on the need to urgently refer dogs … Read more