Davies marks VNAM with inspirational video

Head of nursing Lillian Twigg (fourth from right) with some of the RVNs at Davies Veterinary Specialists. Davies Veterinary Specialists has released an inspirational video capturing the work and passion of its nursing team to celebrate Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM), which kicks off on Sunday 1 May. Lillian Twigg – head of nursing services … Read more

Incredible Video Shows Service Dog Protecting Mom During A Seizure

In 2001, Tina started having migraines and seizures at age 23. She went to countless doctors and neurologists, hoping to find some medication to help. Sadly, even regular injections do not completely stop the seizures. In 2018, a devastating seizure wiped Tina’s memory, causing her to lose the first 40 years of her life. Not … Read more

Dog Romps With Ghostly Visitor In Spine-Tingling Video Footage

Security camera footage can show us some strange things. And sometimes, those grainy video captures play out into a spooky story. Sure, there’s usually a reasonable explanation for what you see, but what about when you can not come up with a logical explanation? That’s where the real creep show begins, and here comes one … Read more

A TikTok Video Of True Love

Cat mom Alana and kitty Beano call Ottawa, Canada, home, but people know them worldwide as Beano is “TikTok Royalty.” With almost eighty-five thousand followers on TikTok and sporting just about four million likes, Beano captures hearts quickly with his fabulous, fluffy black fur and silly ways! And one thing that gets this good cat … Read more