Chimp escapes from Kharkiv zoo before being given raincoat and taken back on bike – video | Global

There was a glimpse of humor for the residents of Kharkiv in Ukraine, as an escaped chimpanzee from a local zoo wandered around the city’s streets. Chichi, who broke out of the zoo on Monday, was followed around by the zoo’s employees who attempted to persuade her to return. After a spot of rain, Chichi … Read more

Melt At This Video Of Man Introducing His Dog To A Neighborhood Cat

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Opera Cat Steals The Show In Viral Video That Proves He’s A Purrfect Diva

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Did Humans Put This Drowning Puppy At Risk For The Sake Of A Viral Video?

“We don’t deserve dogs” isn’t just something humans say; fellow dogs might be thinking it too. One puppy named Soh was especially grateful when his canine brother named Hand saved him from drowning. Video footage shows Soh struggling to pull himself out of a fish pond while Hand runs over to save the day. It’s … Read more

Timelapse footage shows a sea sponge sneezing – video | World news

It has emerged that sea sponges can sneeze, casting off accumulations of particles trapped in mucus on their surfaces in the process. Dr Jasper de Goeij, a marine biologist at the University of Amsterdam and the senior author of the paper, said the team made their discovery while examining timelapse videos of sponges in an … Read more

Beluga whale lifted out of Seine in rescue attempt – video | World news

A beluga whale stranded in the River Seine in northern France was lifted out of the water early on Wednesday in the first stage of an ambitious rescue operation. After nearly six hours of work, the 800-kg cetacean was lifted from the river with a net and crane at around 4am local time and placed … Read more

Dog Mom Details Her Dog’s Eventful Last Day Alive In Achingly Emotional Video

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Dog Groomer Arrested After Horrific Video Shows Him Abusing Poodle

WARNING: Video, screenshots, and content might be sensitive to some readers. Amid an animal abuse case, you can always count on dog lovers to fight for justice. So, when a video surfaced of a Michigan dog groomer abusing an innocent Poodle, everyone was quick to contact the authorities. The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office received numerous … Read more