Dog Was Dumped At Rescue Deaf And Unable To Walk, Now He’s Found A Forever Family

Despite there being a tornado watch issued for the area, Razz’s previous owner still decided to dump him near the outdoor kennels at the Richland County Dog Shelter. The one-year-old Pittie mix was deaf, unable to walk, and left all alone. But now, the tides have turned, and not only can he walk, but he’s … Read more

Grieving Dad Takes Senior Dog With Cancer On One Last Walk To Own

No one ever wants to have to say goodbye forever to their best friend. But when given the chance, many would prefer to let their beloved dogs go peacefully instead of painfully succumbing to disease. That dreaded moment of acceptance is one that sticks with you for a long time. On Twitter, Toronto resident Dale … Read more

She takes an age to walk now, but I love my old dog, smells and all | Chitra Ramaswamy

Our dog, Daphne, is now 11 and sports a magisterial gray muzzle. She can usually be seen trundling around the local park like a rickety cocktail trolley, but like most dog owners, I still think she could take best in show. Nevertheless, there remain those who cross the road or, worse, pick up their own … Read more

Dog walk raises more than £ 37k for charity

The Agria Dog Walk returned for 2022 and raised more than £ 37,000 for animal charities across Europe. In the UK, Brits drummed up £ 10,000 for a selection of animal rescues, including The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Circular walk The simultaneous dog walk raised £ 37,000 for European animal … Read more

Man & Dog Walk 140 Miles To Safety Across Russian-Occupied Ukraine

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 61-year-old Igor Pedin refused to go anywhere without his nine-year-old Terrier mix named Zhu-Zhu. The man and his dog were in Mariupol, which is currently a Russian-controlled area in the southeastern part of Ukraine. He had family in Zaporizhzhia, which was a Ukraine-controlled city about 225 kilometers (140 miles) … Read more

Country diary: A scent-filled walk to a remote lake | Wildlife

or path slants out of Cwm Nantcol through Coed Crafnant. Among sessile oaks, migrant birds throng after exhausting journeys from Africa. The air is melodic with the velvet diminuendo of willow warblers; leaves of the trees have not yet opened, concealing their perpetual activity among high branches. Pied flycatchers – miniature magpies in stroboscopic dance-mode … Read more