‘Emus can break bones’: stop buying giant birds on a whim, farmers warn Birds

Tammy Shull, the owner of Moonlight Valley Farms in Aspers, Pennsylvania, makes a living selling emu chicks across the country. The flightless birds, native to Australia, cost about $200 for “standard” black and brown colors, while the rarer white variety can cost up to $850. Emus are a big part of Shull’s life. But hear … Read more

EMS reform plans must address financial issues, industry leaders warn

Industry leaders have broadly welcomed plans to reform the extramural studies (EMS) element of veterinary degree courses, although funding concerns persist. RCVS officials said their proposals, published earlier this week, are meant to help reduce the financial burden on students, while also giving them more flexible and higher quality training. But, while there appears to … Read more

Equine vets warn owners after spate of oak and sycamore poisoning

Owners are being warned by vets about the risks posed by oak and sycamore trees following a spate of vet cases needing urgent treatment after the ingestion of toxic seeds. Ingestion of sycamore seeds and acorns can cause rapid fatal illness in horses, and BEVA members have seen higher numbers of atypical myopathy and acorn … Read more

‘I was too close’: Texas woman gored by bison shares video to warn hikers | Animals

A woman in Texas who recorded a cellphone video of herself surviving getting gored by a bison has admonished fellow hikers about the perils of too closely encountering such an immense animal. Rebecca Clark was on a solo hike in Caprock Canyons park, home of Texas’ state bison herd, when she came across a group … Read more

Practice poster to warn of autumnal dangers to pets – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

TVM has produced veterinary practice waiting room poster to highlight the hazards to pets in the autumn. Common ‘Pet Dangers’ include: Human cold and flu medication Rat poison Xylitol Chocolate Anti-freeze Acorns and conkers Mushrooms Moldy food The poster also reinforces the importance of SPEED when dealing with poisoned pets: Stop the pet eating any … Read more

Freya the walrus: Norway officials warn of euthanasia risk if crowds don’t stay away | Animals

Norwegian authorities say they are considering putting down a walrus that won hearts basking in the sun of the Oslo fjord, because of the danger to the public and itself from sightseers. Despite repeated appeals to the public to keep their distance from the walrus – a young female weighing 600kg (1,300 pounds) that has … Read more

Seal of approval? Rescue services warn approaching Australian marine wildlife can be fraught Marine life

If you ever stumble upon a seal pup far from home, best leave it alone and call for help. Humans (and their dogs) can pose a danger to seals, and marine mammals can give humans tuberculosis. Last week a South Australian farmer found a long-nosed fur seal 3km inland, and returned it to the ocean. … Read more

TikTok ‘frog army’ stunt could have grave consequences, experts warn | TikTok

A TikTok “frog army” has racked up millions of likes – but the potential consequences of the bizarre stunt are no joke, experts say. In February of this year, a young TikTok user who claims to be based in the UK started building out a “frog army” after noticing “some type of eggs in a … Read more

Emotional support pets: experts warn of animal welfare risk | Animal welfare

Taking a pet everywhere for emotional support, from aeroplanes to the daily shop, may be all the rage, but experts have warned animal welfare is at risk of being overlooked. The use of emotional support animals has boomed in recent years, with myriad cases hitting the headlines, from the peacock that was denied a seat … Read more