Owners Left In Awe After Pup Was Swept Away In Raging Flood Water

It was an hour after midnight when a strong surge of floodwater broke the front door and rushed inside the home of Elaine Hendrickson-Parry. Naturally, everyone including their dog Luna, was asleep inside when the raging current started sweeping in through the open door. Recent heavy rainfall and severe storms resulted in serious flooding, and … Read more

Mom Left Husky’s Water Bowl Empty For 2-Mins, So He Complained About Her ‘Abuse’

You’re in for a real treat. You’re about to meet Zeus, a beautiful Husky who has a few words to say to his mom. Please be sure to SHARE this with a friend or family member and pass on the SMILE! Zeus the Husky has become quite the internet celebrity because of his “extra-stubborn”And“vocal”Personality. The … Read more