‘The ocean is everything’: Pacific state of Niue declares all of its waters protected | Conservation

The Pacific island state of Niue has announced that it will protect 100% of the ocean in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which spans 317,500 sq km (122,000 sq miles), roughly the area of ​​Vietnam. The water that surrounds one of the world largest raised coral atolls is the only place where the katuali is … Read more

Volunteer Firefighters Rescue Dog Tossed Into Rushing Waters By Heartless Owner

When someone spotted a dog trapped in Lake Wister Dam, Oklahoma, they knew they had to do something. The only way the dog could’ve gotten there is if she swam upstream or was thrown in by someone who did not want her. The latter seemed most likely. A woman named Madison Reneè posted a video … Read more

The ants go rafting: invasive fire ants take to Australian flood waters to colonize new areas | Queensland

Invasive fire ants have used recent flooding in Queensland to expand their Australian invasion, teaming up and forming floating rafts with their bodies to allow them to survive for weeks at a time. Eradication officers in Queensland have captured photos of the dangerous ants forming the rafts in flood waters. It’s one of the pest’s … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Dove Into Icy Waters To Save Two Of His Rescue Dogs

In a recent segment from Entertainment Weekly‘s “Around the Table,” actor Leonardo DiCaprio proved that he’s not only a hero in films but also in real life. While filming Don’t Look Up in and around Boston, DiCaprio brought two of his dogs on set for the day. The two rescue Huskies are full of constant … Read more

Dog Struggles In Rushing Waters For Hours As Heroes Jump Into Action

UPDATE 4/1/2022 – Now that the dog and woman who fell into the Los Angeles River have been rescued, they did an interview about the scary situation. Both seem to be in good health after the traumatic event, and hopefully, they’ll never have to experience something like that ever again. Angela Buono’s dog is a … Read more