With Eyes Swollen Shut, Baby Fox Is Too Weak To Fight When Strangers Approach

Wild animals don’t have humans looking out for them the same way pets do. So, if they get sick, recovery can be incredibly difficult. Luckily, there are many kind people out there who spend time rescuing, rehabilitating, and then releasing wild animals so these critters can get a second chance at life. One example of … Read more

Weak controls failing to stop illegal seafood landing on EU plates, investigation shows | Fishing

Illegally fished seafood continues to end up on the plates of EU citizens due to weak controls and insignificant fines in some member states, auditors have found. The European Union, the world’s largest importer of fishery products, requires member states to take action against fishing vessels and EU nationals engaged in illegal fishing activities anywhere … Read more

Do Boxer dogs have a weak heart?

Boxers are a very popular breed in the UK but unfortunately, as with many dog ​​breeds, they are known for certain health problems. For they say the focus is often on their heart. The heart is an incredibly intricate organ with many parts that can go wrong and when they do, the results can be catastrophic. So what is it about Boxer’s hearts that predisposes them to issues and can we do anything about it?

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Do German Shepherd Dogs have weak immune systems?

The immune system plays a crucial role in fighting off unwanted visitors into the body, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. While all dogs can be afflicted by immune conditions, some research suggests German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) to be even more prone. Does this mean that they have weaker immune systems than other breeds? And if so, how can it affect their health?

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