Frenchie Given Only Weeks To Live Hangs On To See Her Best Friend Get Married

Updated March 2022 Dogs are incredible characters. Almost without exception, they have this amazingly upbeat spirit that lights up any room, brings smiles to our faces, and can turn our whole lives around. Even some of those that suffer the most horrific abuse and neglect come out of it ready to forgive with little hesitation. … Read more

Bengal Cat Returns Home After Ten Long Weeks Missing

The month of February brought about indescribable pain and grief for two Swinton, Manchester, locals who suffered the loss of both of their beloved kitties on the very same day. On the evening of February seventh, Ann Jones opened the door of her home to receive the most devastating news: her beautiful, one-and-a-half-year-old Bengal kitty, … Read more

Abandoned Sick Dog Gives Birth In The Middle Of Nowhere And They Starve For Weeks

A phone call about a mama dog and her pups dying in a remote field came into the Dog Rescue Shelter of Mladenovac, Serbia. When the employee arrived, he realized that finding the pups would be difficult because the field was just too big. But then he spotted an abandoned warehouse, and his instincts urged … Read more

Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Deceased Hiker’s Side For Two Weeks

29-year-old Oscar Alejandro Hernandez often explored challenging hiking trails, and sometimes his dog King accompanied him. After a tiresome hike, he always returned home to his family feeling fulfilled. But after one adventure, he did not come back. Hernandez and King were missing for about two weeks. Their family was devastated, but then some horrific … Read more