Still Weird | My Shetland

Things are a bit fraught around here after shearing. Madge spent the night in the big field. She has taken herself away from everyone and won’t talk. She was always a bit potty, but this is a new level, even for her. This morning, I took off Lambie’s and Edna’s rugs. They were nice and … Read more

Breeder Dumps Husky At Shelter Because Of “Weird Eyes” And Can’t Sell Her

When Jubilee the Siberian Husky was born, she did not look much like her other siblings. Her breeder thought that Jubilee’s eyes were abnormal and chose not to keep her. The beloved 4-year-old pooch was surrendered to the Matawan, New Jersey Husky House rescue center. Because of her unusual appearance, the dog’s health is unaffected … Read more

Weird Behavior!

I am not sure what is going on but everyone is behaving very oddly. The horses are very strange (bucking and spooking about nothing) and the sheep are at war. Harrel and Maggie are picking on poor, poor Edna to the point that yesterday I separated them all, leaving Edna and ‘Bert in the small … Read more