Pets on paracetamol: animals at risk as owners struggle with own bills | Animal welfare

Vets fear people may be giving “dangerous doses” of paracetamol to their pets as fears grow that the cost of living crisis is impinging on animal owners’ ability to pay for medical help. The RSPCA recently discovered that Google searches for “can I give my dog ​​paracetamol” have almost tripled since January 2020, and that … Read more

Trade deals and animal welfare – what’s the problem?

There has been considerable news coverage recently of the trade deals that the UK is starting to roll out following Brexit. And of the changes that these will mean for British consumers and producers. This is exemplified in the trade deal with Australia signed in December. Farmers have expressed varying degrees of concern over the extra-EU production standards – for animal welfare in particular – when compared to the current British ones.

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Boom in UK dog fertility clinics raises welfare and ethics concerns | Dogs

Canine fertility clinics have boomed in the UK during the pandemic, experts have revealed, as calls grow for greater oversight of the industry. The clinics offer services ranging from artificial insemination to ultrasound scanning, semen analysis, progesterone testing and, in some cases, caesarean sections. Such clinics can be used to support good breeding, but their … Read more

Cats Protection hosts MSPs to discuss cat welfare priorities

Cats Protection joined 25 MSPs to discuss the charity’s efforts to improve feline welfare and campaign for cats across Scotland. The parliamentary reception at Holyrood was sponsored by Mark Ruskell MSP, and was arranged to highlight ways politicians can help support Scotland’s 685,000 pet cats and their owners. Among items discussed were Cats Protection’s campaign … Read more

More than 20 million farm animals die on way to abattoir in US every year | Animal welfare

Tens of millions of farm animals in the US are dying before they can be slaughtered, according to a Guardian investigation exposing the deadly conditions under which animals are transported around the country. Approximately 20 million chickens, 330,000 pigs and 166,000 cattle are dead on arrival, or soon after, at abattoirs in the US every … Read more

Unscrupulous ivory traders can evade new UK ban, charity says | Animal welfare

Ivory peddlers may continue to sell elephant tusks after a new ban by disguising their products as walrus or narwhal derivatives, campaigners have warned. From Monday, trade in elephant teeth and tusks is illegal in the UK, punishable by fines of up to £ 250,000 or up to five years in prison under the Ivory … Read more

Animal Rebellion protesters run on to track before Epsom Derby | Animal welfare

Six female protesters from the Animal Rebellion campaign group ran on to the track before the Epsom Derby on Saturday afternoon and were removed by police. Dozens of police officers could be seen working to remove the protesters, who were wearing sashes reading “Animal Justice”. The protest came on the 109th anniversary of the suffragette … Read more

Emotional support pets: experts warn of animal welfare risk | Animal welfare

Taking a pet everywhere for emotional support, from aeroplanes to the daily shop, may be all the rage, but experts have warned animal welfare is at risk of being overlooked. The use of emotional support animals has boomed in recent years, with myriad cases hitting the headlines, from the peacock that was denied a seat … Read more

Animal rights activists ‘sprayed with cow poo’ in protest against meat industry | Animal welfare

Animal rights activists have scaled the roof of a national beef industry event in protest against the meat industry. The demonstration, which began in the early hours of Saturday, is said to have resulted in one protester being taken to hospital after chaos unfolded outside Darlington Farmers Auction Mart (DFAM) in County Durham. Photos showed … Read more

Welfare fears at plans to restrict drug used for chronic pain

Vets fear proposals to restrict a key treatment used for chronic pain in dogs and cats to humans only could hit animal welfare. While myriad licensed vet analgesic medications are available and prescribed, human antiviral amantadine is also used by vets because no licensed product is available for the treatment of central sensitization – a … Read more