What’s the best brush for a dog?

Dogs come in various shapes and sizes and require different types of care depending on their breed. One vital part of canine care is grooming, which should be carried out periodically depending on your dog’s coat type. There are different types of fur, with some dogs having curly fur, double-coated fur, fur that grows more like hair and some dogs that don’t even have fur at all! But what is the best brush for a dog? Let’s look at the different types of brushes that are available and what breeds they would suit best.

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What’s the difference between per-condition and per-year claims on pet insurance?

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Pet insurance is always recommended; but types of policies and what is actually covered is a common field which brings much confusion. Often owners are trying to process a pet insurance claim at times of high stress when their pet is poor. It is therefore always very sensible to know and understand the type of insurance policy you have for your pet. There are various types of pet insurance policies available. This article will focus on two of these and aims to explain (as simply as at all possible) the differences between per-condition and per-year insurance cover.

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Trade deals and animal welfare – what’s the problem?

There has been considerable news coverage recently of the trade deals that the UK is starting to roll out following Brexit. And of the changes that these will mean for British consumers and producers. This is exemplified in the trade deal with Australia signed in December. Farmers have expressed varying degrees of concern over the extra-EU production standards – for animal welfare in particular – when compared to the current British ones.

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New guidelines to help vet nurses decide what’s routine and what’s research – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

On the 1st of July, the RCVS will publish new guidelines on whether procedures count as routine veterinary practice (RVP), clinical veterinary research (CVR) or as experimental. The new guidance replaces Chapter 25 of the Supporting Guidance to the Code of Professional Conduct. Routine Veterinary Practice describes the procedures and techniques performed on animals by … Read more

Pamper Boxes for Cats – What’s Out There and is it Worth it?

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It’s safe to say we’re a nation of animal lovers, and we love to treat our pets. In fact, we collectively spend almost 8 million pounds a year on our pets! The market for pet products is huge, and you can get almost anything for your pet now. One trendy new product is a pamper box for your cat! So today, let’s look at what these are, what’s inside and if they’re worth the price.

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What’s with all the new dog breeds? We ask an expert | Social trends

The animal charity Blue Cross is campaigning to stop pugs and French bulldogs being featured in advertisements. It hopes to slow demand for thea flat-faced pooches where “overbreeding” is causing breathing and walking difficulties. Yet new breeds of dogs are introduced each year. How are there so many? And what does this mean for dogs? … Read more