Cleaners at Amsterdam gallery ordered to let insects run wild in the name of art Art

No vacuum cleaners and no feather dusters: that’s the order that has gone out to the cleaning staff at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. As part of an exhibition exploring the changing perceptions of creepy-crawlies in art and science through the ages, the national museum of the Netherlands has been allowing its crevices and corners to … Read more

Man, 77, dies in Western Australia after being attacked by wild kangaroo being kept as a pet Animals

An elderly man has died from injuries after an apparent attack by his pet kangaroo in Western Australia’s south. Paramedics were called to the man’s property in Redmond near Albany on Sunday evening after the 77-year-old was found by a relative with serious injuries. Police were called to assist after the kangaroo prevented the ambulance … Read more

Nearly 2,500 ‘dangerous wild animals’ kept by private collectors in England | Animals

Mountain lions, alligators and zebras are just a few of the nearly 2,500 “dangerous wild animals” being kept by private collectors in England, according to a survey of council licensing data. The list includes Bactrian camels in Sedgemoor, gray wolves in West Berkshire, honey badgers in Cornwall and deadly snakes in Bolsover. The survey found … Read more

Bird flu has killed 700 wild black vultures, says Georgia sanctuary Bird flu

Bird flu has killed hundreds of wild black vultures at a Georgia sanctuary that houses more than 1,500 other animals. At least 700 black vultures have died, Noah’s Ark animal care manager Allison Hedgecoth told WXIA-TV. State workers euthanized 20 to 30 other birds, she said. “All of our chickens were euthanized yesterday and our … Read more

Keeping it wild: how mules help preserve the last untamed places in the US | Environment

HHere’s a partial list of things you cannot, under any circumstances, take into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, in Montana: chainsaws, mountain bikes, ATVs, tractors, wheelbarrows. If it has gears, it stays home. If it’s mechanical in any way, it’s a no-go. Those are the rules deemed necessary to protect the United States’ 803 federally designated … Read more

Wild tiger numbers 40% higher than thought, says conservation group Wildlife

There are 40% more tigers in the wild than previously thought, with as many as 5,578 around, although they remain an endangered species, according to a leading conservationist group. The jump in numbers was due to improved monitoring, with the population thought to be stable or increasing, said the International Union for Conservation of Nature … Read more

Wild cheetahs to return to India for the first time since 1952 | India

Cheetahs are to return to India’s forests this August for the first time in more than 70 years, officials have announced. Eight wild cats from Namibia will roam freely at Kuno-Palpur national park in the state of Madhya Pradesh in efforts to reintroduce the animal to their natural habitat. Despite being a vital part of … Read more

Offshore fish farms: a new wave of food production … or the ‘wild west’ of ocean pollution? | Environment

The enclosures stretch the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool, but from above they appear as floating dots scattered across the ocean. Inside, fish mill about as the submerged pens sway to the currents of the open sea. Known as offshore fish farms, these structures have appeared around the world in recent years. Their proliferation … Read more

Wild bison return to the UK for the first time in thousands of years Wildlife

Early on Monday morning, three gentle giants wandered out of a corral in the Kent countryside to become the first wild bison to roam in Britain for thousands of years. The aim is for the animals’ natural behavior to transform a dense commercial pine forest into a vibrant natural woodland. Their taste for bark will … Read more