Wild fox infiltrates flamingos’ pen at Washington’s National zoo and kills 25 | Birds

A wild fox in Washington DC, has chewed through a fence at the National zoo and killed 25 flamingos in the worst animal attack there in two decades. On Tuesday, zoo officials announced that in addition to the 25 American flamingos that were killed early on Monday in their outdoor habitat, three more were injured. … Read more

Rome residents impose curfew after spate of wild boar attacks | Italy

Residents in several neighborhoods in northern Rome have imposed a nightly “curfew” after a spate of attacks by wild boar, which for years have roamed the Italian capital. In the most recent encounter, a woman said a boar “was on top of my head” after she was pushed to the ground during an attack on … Read more

Should I feed a wild baby bird?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the trees are growing and all the signs are there that spring is here, which only means one thing – baby bird season has begun! Unlike pigeons who breed all year round, our native garden birds typically breed in the warmer spring and summer months, with fledged chicks having the benefit of summer and autumn to grow and enjoy before the harsh winter months return. Sadly, every year nests get destroyed, adult birds die and orphan baby birds are found with no-one to care for them.

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Hidden camera gets first live UK footage of wild white-tailed eagle hatching | Birds

A hidden camera has captured the first live UK footage of a wild white-tailed eagle hatching. Staff at RSPB Scotland’s Abernethy nature reserve in Perthshire, where the eaglet hatched, described it as being “such a special moment”. It comes after eggs were first spotted in a nest being used by eagles Shona and Finn early … Read more

Woman Finds Little “Pink Blob” Lying On Ground, Grows Up To Be Cute And Wild

While picking up her son from the bus stop, Jessica noticed a tiny pink blob on the ground. She had no idea where the little creature came from, but she assumed he had fallen from a limb of a nearby tree. The tiny pink globular thing was virtually unidentifiable. At first, Jessica did not realize … Read more