Dugong sees red: Pig the sea cow predicts Labor will win Australian election (sort of) | Australian election 2022

Pig came out of the deep, a slow-moving mass in search of an answer to the question arresting the mind of the nation: who will emerge from the federal election victorious? The dugong’s performance was precise and assured. A red and blue toy representing each major party were dropped into Pig’s enclosure, and after mere … Read more

Former Feral Cat Hid From Foster Mom For A Year, But Love & Patience Win Over Fear

Used to the feral life, Gia Puffs the cat was not fond of visiting with people. In fact, she pretty much hid from her foster mom for a year. But a toy wand showed the shy cat that getting petted was a wonderful thing. And Gia only learned this delightful fact because of foster mom … Read more