The labyrinthine patterns traced by birds on the wing – in pictures | Art and design

On a hike one day, photographer Xavier Bou, who is based in Barcelona, ​​wondered if the flight paths of birds could be captured on paper. Through research he realized they could – and represented in a single image. Since then he’s recorded the labyrinthine patterns created by birds on the wing, a project published next … Read more

Country diary: A late red grouse chick makes a dash for its mother’s wing | Birds

TheIt’s uncomfortably warm on this rare, windless morning and the horizon wobbles in the heat haze. It’s uncannily quiet too: the loudest sound is an irritating squeak that comes with every step, from leather chafing in one of my boots. Six weeks ago, when I walked this path, I was accompanied by a cacophony of … Read more

A wing and a prayer: is there hope for Britain’s loneliest bat? | Endangered species

Thena dank, disused railway tunnel in West Sussex hangs a brown, furry parcel, the sole known representative of Britain’s rarest mammal. Scientists do not like to apply emotive adjectives to animals, but if ever there were a lonesome creature, it would be this greater mouse-eared bat. The bat’s reappearance in December for its 20th winter … Read more

Wing and a preyer: Salisbury Cathedral’s star falcon flies nest to Guernsey | Birds

A young male peregrine falcon that hatched at Salisbury Cathedral two years ago and became an internet star during the early days of the first Covid lockdown has spread its wings and reached the island of Guernsey, more than 100 miles away. Osmund, the only male of four chicks raised on the cathedral tower in … Read more