Wonderfully Wonky Winnie Wins All The Hearts & Overcomes Bent Legs

Meet Winnie. She’s a cutie with a prize-winning sniffer. And although she’s just a few years old, she’s already an active K9 Scent and Search UK member and competes in scent work competitions across the country. To look at this beautiful and athletic American bulldog, you’d never know that she once struggled to walk on … Read more

Florida teen wins top prize by capturing 28 pythons in annual competition | Florida

A 19-year-old South Florida man captured 28 Burmese pythons in a 10-day competition created to increase awareness about the threat the invasive snakes pose to the state’s ecology. Matthew Concepcion was among the 1,000 people from 32 states, Canada and Latvia who participated in the annual challenge, which removed 231 of the unwanted pythons, the … Read more

Small Senior Dog Takes On Rattlesnake To Defend His Humans, And Wins

A couple went out for a hike in Pennington County, South Dakota with their 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Bear. They encountered a rattlesnake along the trail. Bear did not hesitate to come between his humans and the venomous snake. The little dog was bitten while saving his people. Image Devin Diede via KEVN Dog Alerted to … Read more

Ciar Pembroke wins VNJ Writer of the Year – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Congratulations to Ciar Pembroke RVN, who has won the VNJ Writer of the Year Award for an article she wrote about the barriers affecting BAME veterinary students. Ciar, who works at Davies Veterinary Specialists, says her driving aim was to help acknowledge and understand why the veterinary sector is the least diverse profession in the … Read more

Lab Wins Dog Surfing Contest After Shark Sighting Complicates Things

After nine years of the East Coast Dog Surfing Championships, sharks had never been an issue. The competing canines had always been able to peacefully surf without having to worry about what lurked beneath the water. But for the 10th annual competition in Cocoa Beach, Florida, there were many complications when a shark sighting occurred. … Read more