Trusting Dog Lured Into Woods Mysteriously Returns After One Month And 45 Miles

When Zane Brunette brought his 6-year-old dog Luigi along to Boundary Waters in Minnesota, he thought they were going to have a fun camping trip together. That was nearly a month ago, in June of 2022. The trip turned out to be a nightmare for the devastated dog dad. Luigi disappeared into the woods, and … Read more

Man Went Searching For His Dog In The Woods, Finds Puppies Trapped Inside Sealed Aquarium

Seriously, we can’t stop thinking: “Who would do such a thing?” But here it is. Matt Williamson, a Hinds County, Mississippi resident, was out looking for his own dogs near a creek when he found something completely unexpected and very disturbing. Two puppies had been abandoned in an aquarium – its lid cemented shut. “I … Read more

Rescuers Discover 16 Dogs Chained Deep In The Woods Without Food, Water Or Shelter

When rescuers arrived on stage and saw that 16 dogs were inhumanly chained up in the woods and living in horrific conditions, they knew exactly what they needed to do. Being left alone without any food, water, or proper shelter motivated Kansas Animal Services to prioritize doing whatever it took to free every pup from … Read more

Newly Graduated K9 Finds Missing Woman Singing “Amazing Grace” In The Woods

69-year-old Aletha Gee Walton was missing in Virginia for eight days. Her loved ones were especially concerned about her well-being because she has early stages of dementia. Police started searching for Walton on May 17th, 2022, after her family could not find her anywhere. Her neighbors had last seen her at her home two days … Read more

Dog With Broken Legs Saved By Man Who Found Her In The Woods

With over a million subreddits for all sorts of specific communities, Reddit has a lot to offer. Particularly for us dog lovers, a subreddit called “BeforeNAfterAdoption” lets rescuers and dog parents share the stories behind their adoptions. Naturally, all these photos and videos are touching, a nice reminder of why we love to save animals. … Read more