May I have a word about… a pen for mayor Patrick the pony | Jonathan Bouquet

Wwhat’s not to like about this story from last week? A Devonian mayor has been banned from his local, all because he’s a Shetland pony. When the unofficial mayor of Cockington died, there was a campaign to elevate Patrick, a four-year-old pony, to replace him. Patrick, a therapy pony, is a regular visitor to the … Read more

Couple Spreads The Word About This Accidental Poisoning After Tragically Losing Their Two Dogs

A Utah family wants pet owners to be aware of a winter hazard far more deadly than frostbite. Katrina Burrell and her husband said goodbye to their 2 dogs Monday morning after they were diagnosed with Ethylene glycol poisoning. The chemical is most commonly found in antifreeze and has a naturally sweet taste that attracts … Read more