£250k boost for IVC Evidence research work

Dozens of research grants, worth around £250,000, have been awarded to IVC Evidensia staff – and bosses have said there will be more. A total of 39 separate projects have been supported by the company’s Group Veterinary Medical Board (GVMB) since its current research focus was developed two years ago. The company is also offering … Read more

Does pet remedy work? – Self Help Direct

Pet remedy is a calming product aimed at our pet population. It comes as a spray, diffuser and even grooming products!

Pet Remedy claims to work with the pet’s own natural calming mechanisms by mimicking GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is a natural calming agent present in all mammals, reptiles, and birds. This means that it has the potential to be useful in the stress and behavior management of a number of species. But what’s the evidence for it? Is it a critically useful product, or a fad, or somewhere in between?

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Weir today, gone tomorrow: work starts to free Cumbrian river | Rivers

Nearly 150 years after it was built for a paper mill, work has begun to demolish a 3-meter-high weir in Cumbria as part of nationwide efforts to improve biodiversity by allowing fish and invertebrates to move more freely along the UK’s rivers. Bowston weir lies across the River Kent, an internationally important site of special … Read more

‘Work with us to fix the labor crisis’, BCVA president tells Government

Labor shortages in the food and farming sector are putting the mental health of those working in it at risk, the president of the BCVA has warned. Elizabeth Berry has urged ministers to work with the industry to tackle what she termed an “immediate crisis”, which she fears could also jeopardize food security and animal … Read more

More work needed to address raw diet questions, says scientist

Further research into the claimed benefits of raw meat diets for dogs is needed, according to one of the scientists behind a new study comparing raw and non-raw regimes. The latest paper by academics from the University of Liverpool reopened the debate about which feeding program is best for pets. The study, published in the … Read more

Back to Work | My Shetland

It has been persisting with rain all day but the grass needs it and the ducks are happy. As m of the ducks are sitting on eggs, I am trying to get ready for the potential imminent arrival of a pile of ducklings. Sheds are being cleared and being made duckling safe. Today I attacked … Read more

Do calming supplements for dogs work?

Canine behavioral problems are very common, one study suggested they occur in up to 90% of dogs. Anxiety, phobia and emotional disorders are also fairly common in our pet dogs. In one study the prevalence estimate for noise sensitivity was 39.2%, 26.2% for general fearfulness, and 17.2% for separation anxiety. So more and more people are seeking help for their dogs. The boom in puppies over the pandemic also saw a rise in certain behavioral challenges in our dogs.

There are many supplements marketed for calming aids – some are better quality than others. The supplement market is not regulated to the same standard as veterinary medicines. This means it’s often down to the individual company to uphold many of their product guarantees and ensure quality and quality of ingredients. So what’s in them, and does it work?

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New film champions the work of vets and nurses – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Vets4Pets has produced a new film to champion the work of all vets, nurses and support teams. The company says it thinks the film is an industry first because it depicts veterinary professionals in a way that they have never seen themselves before: cinematically showing the highs and lows of a typical day in veterinary … Read more