Vet sector bodies share World Animal Vaccination Day messages

The importance of vaccines in the health and welfare of animals, as well as the development of new technologies to protect them further, was highlighted for 2022’s World Animal Vaccination Day. NOAH, the trade body representing most of the UK’s animal health firms, the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and AnimalhealthEurope, which represents manufacturers and … Read more

Dad Of “Smallest Dog” In The World ‘Was Willing To Do’ Anything ‘To Protect Her

When Hope was born in Quebec, Canada, she was just 2 ounces, less than two pounds. When the veterinarians told Rodney Mclean that Hope had dwarfism and wouldn’t live more than 48 hours, he was devastated.   Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video     However, what began as a terrible scenario has turned … Read more

Beat The Market – How To Recruit Effectively In A Post-COVID World

Finding and hiring the perfect candidate to join your veterinary practice in a reasonable amount of time is seemingly an impossible task nowadays. Due to COVID and other trends, many businesses are chronically understaffed, can’t keep up with customer demandsand are struggling to fill vacancies. Did all the talented vets just evaporate into thin air? … Read more