Scared, Abandoned Pittie Wouldn’t Leave The Cardboard Box He Was Found In

Usually, it’s an adorable photo op when our dogs climb into packaging. This story of an abandoned Pit Bull and the cardboard plum box he slept in has a bit of a sadder explanation. Officers for DeKalb County Animal Services found the scrawny dog ​​lying in an empty plum box outside the shelter one morning. … Read more

Owner Was Set On Putting Newborn Puppy Down But Vet Tech ‘Wouldn’t Allow It’

When an animal is suffering and has no quality of life, it may be given a humane death. It’s also an option for Bronson, who was born by cesarean section with his siblings and sisters. Except Bronson, all of the others were well-nourished. Image / Story Source Credit: Imgur (AMAZING job!) The newborn had a … Read more