BVA Young Vet of the Year 2022 announced

A mixed animal vet from Aberystwyth praised for her “exceptional dedication” has been crowned BVA Young Vet of the Year 2022. Hannah Hunt collected the prestigious award at the BVA’s gala dinner at the London Marriott Hotel in Canary Wharf, where she was recognized for her passion and exceptional dedication across multiple species, including farm … Read more

‘Devil bird’: why the midnight cooee calls of the koel are driving Australians ‘insane’ this year | Birds

The crankiness of sleep-deprived east coast Australians driven “insane” by what they call a “devil bird” keeping them up through the night is palpable on the reddit thread dedicated to the problem of the koel’s midnight calls. Many on the thread were quick to come to the defense of the bird whose cooee calls they … Read more

Little-known pīwauwau rock wren named as New Zealand’s 2022 bird of the year | Birds

The pīwauwau rock wren, a diminutive mountain-dwelling underdog, has come out on top in New Zealand’s annual bird of the year competition after a hard-fought campaign again marked by controversy. The rare alpine species – which weighs about as much as a MallowPuff biscuit – beat out a number of higher-profile and charismatic competitors. “Unless … Read more

BVA announces Young Vet of the Year award shortlist

The BVA has announced the finalists for the 2022 Young Vet of the Year Award. Alison Brough, Kirsty French and Hannah Hunt have been shortlisted from more than 100 entries for the prize, which is supported by Zoetis. The winner of the award, which celebrates the work and innovation of vets in the early stages … Read more

Where all the birds have gone this year – a garden survey | Letters

The paucity of birds in Mary Julian’s Hackney garden (Letters, 18 October) is perhaps a problem of the metropolis. Here in Newcastle on the day after her letter was published we enjoyed our usual great tit, blue tit, coal tit, gold finch, chaffinch, green finch, dunnock, blackbird, robin, starling, wood pigeon and ring-necked parakeet. The … Read more

Threat to sue New Zealand bird of the year competition if it does not include extinct species New Zealand

A passionate New Zealand bird lover has threatened the country’s popular bird of the year competition with legal action if it fails to include a bird that has been extinct for more than 100 years. In a phone call and follow-up email to Forest & Bird, which runs the competition, now in its 17th year, … Read more

Ciar Pembroke wins VNJ Writer of the Year – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Congratulations to Ciar Pembroke RVN, who has won the VNJ Writer of the Year Award for an article she wrote about the barriers affecting BAME veterinary students. Ciar, who works at Davies Veterinary Specialists, says her driving aim was to help acknowledge and understand why the veterinary sector is the least diverse profession in the … Read more

Will all pet insurers raise prices by the same amount each year?

Pet insurance can really be a lifesaver if you’re caught off-guard and your beloved furry friend suffers an accident or illness. It may seem controversial, but veterinary practices, just like all private businesses, must charge for services rendered in order to pay their overheads and keep on providing a quality service for pets and their owners.

In the current economic climate, it can feel like the cost of living just keeps rising. An unexpected veterinary bill can really throw a spanner in the works. Hence why it’s so important to make sure that your pet is adequately insured. That said, even pet insurance can sometimes feel overwhelming to account for in the monthly or annual budget; with most pet owners noticing an increase in their premiums over time.

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New Zealand bird of the year contest courts controversy as favorite struck from ballot | Birds

New Zealand’s annual bird of the year competition could usher in another round of controversy, with perennial favorite the kākāpō struck from the ballot after twice winning the competition. The fat, flightless and nocturnal parrot is the only species to reign twice as New Zealand’s favorite bird, in 2020 and 2008. This year, however, it … Read more