Revolutionary Carbon-Based Magnetic Material Finally Synthesized After 70 Years

Researchers from Osaka University and Osaka City University synthesize and crystallize a molecule that is otherwise too unstable to fully study in the laboratory, and is a model of a revolutionary class of magnets. Since the first reported production in 2004, researchers have been hard at work using graphene and similar carbon-based materials to revolutionize … Read more

Water Flowed on Mars a Billion Years Longer Than Thought

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter used its Context Camera to capture this image of Bosporos Planum, a location on Mars. The white specks are salt deposits found within a dry channel. The largest impact crater in the scene is at 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) across. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS Caltech researchers used the Mars … Read more

Water on Mars may have flowed for a billion years longer than thought

Observations by long-running Mars The mission suggests that liquid water may have flowed on the Red Planet as little as 2 billion years ago, much later than scientists had once thought. Scientists tracked the presence of chloride salt deposits left behind by flowing water using years of data from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), which … Read more

Scientists find a mysterious solar storm occurred 9,200 years ago

Credit: Public Domain CC0. By analyzing ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, a research team led by Lund University in Sweden has found evidence of an extreme solar storm that occurred about 9,200 years ago. The researchers are puzzled by the fact that the storm occurred during one of the quieter periods of the sun … Read more

Wolves Already Had The Genetic Mutation to Turn Into Tiny Dogs 54,000 Years Ago

One of the major genetic mutations responsible for small size in some dog breeds, such as Pomeranians and Chihuahuas, evolved in dog relationships long before humans began to breed these small companions. Researchers found that the mutation can even be traced back to wolves that lived more than 50,000 years ago. Researchers discovered the mutation, … Read more

Mysterious Effects of Smoking May Surface Even 3 Generations Later, Study Finds

Great-granddaughters of men who smoked cigarettes when they were boys before puberty are more likely to carry excess fat on their bodies as young girls several decades later, according to a shocking study. The find – which scientists claim to be one of the “first human demonstrations of the trans-generational effects of environmental exposure across … Read more

Could a spacecraft ‘catch up’ to interstellar visitor ‘Oumuamua in just 26 years?

Could we send a spaceship to the giant, cigar-shaped ‘interstellar interloper’ Oumuamua? Should we? In 2017, rock astronomers discovered space from another solar system orbiting through our cosmic neighborhood for the first time ever. The rock, called ‘Oumuamua, passing us and sailing through our solar system leaving behind questions that remain to this day. Is’ … Read more

Physicists Detect Mysterious X Particles in ‘Primordial Soup’ For The First Time

A mysterious particle thought to have existed for a while after the Big Bang was first discovered in the ‘primordial soup’. In particular, in a medium called quark-glued plasma, produced in the Large Hadron Collider by colliding lead ions. There, in the midst of the trillions of particles generated by these collisions, physicists managed to … Read more

Why did ocean productivity decline abruptly 4.6 million years ago?

drill cores. Credit: J. Henderiks. By drilling deep into sediments on the ocean floor researchers can travel back in time. A research team led by Uppsala University is now presenting new clues as to when and why an era commonly referred to as the ‘biogenic flower’ came to an abrupt end. Changes in the shape … Read more

Something in Your Eyes May Reveal if You’re at Risk of Early Death, Study Shows

A quick and painless scan of the human eyeball could one day help doctors identify ‘fast-trackers’, who are at increased risk of premature death. Aging obviously has an effect on everyone’s body, but just because two people have the same number of years under their belt doesn’t mean they are physically in decline at the … Read more