Skirts to syringes: recycling earns York practice Green award

A veterinary practice that launched a clothing bank on behalf of charity so clients could drop off unwanted items has earned a prestigious award. The Minster Veterinary Practice in York encouraged everyone to recycle old clothes and turn them into cash for its chosen charity, The Cinnamon Trust. The bank, operated at the Salisbury Road … Read more

On the hunt with New York’s spotted lanternfly squishers: ‘I came to kill’ | New York

Michael Thomas, a maintenance worker, was inspecting the base of 3 World Trade Center in late June of last year when he started to notice groups of heart-shaped bugs, three or four at a time, “crawling up on the walls” of the thousand-foot skyscraper in lower Manhattan. He went to sweep them up, hoping to … Read more

City tells New Yorkers: don’t panic about ‘splooting’ squirrels | New York

It’s baking hot in New York, which can only mean one thing for the city’s small mammal population: it’s spoiling season. This week, with temperatures reaching 95F (35C), the city’s parks department urged residents not to worry about the health of squirrels seen sprawling on the ground, legs extended behind them like a person whose … Read more

Pet Lovers Rejoice As New York Gets Closer To Banning Puppy Stores

New York could become the sixth state to ban the retail sale of puppies, kittens, and rabbits now that lawmakers have passed the legislation. There’s only one more step before New York joins California, Maryland, Illinois, Maine, and Washington. The New York State Legislature passed the bill in June 2022, so now, citizens are waiting … Read more

Summer of shark: spate of encounters leaves New York beachgoers wary | Sharks

There were thousands of people on Robert Moses Beach on New York’s Long Island on Saturday, but in this heatwave few were venturing into the Atlantic water beyond their ankles or knees. Mothers keep their children close. An array of boats, helicopters and drones moved up and down beyond the surf. And teams of lifeguards … Read more

Happy the elephant is not a person, says court in key US animal rights case | New York

New York’s top court has ruled that Happy, an elephant residing at the Bronx Zoo since the 1970s, cannot legally be considered a person in a closely watched case that tested the boundaries of applying human rights to animals. The case brought by an animal rights group argued Happy should be released from the zoo. … Read more

Will New York City’s “There Is No Poop Fairy” Campaign Resolve A Smelly Situation?

New York City has made great strides to create a welcoming environment for canine companions to live in, and it seems to be working! According to a study performed this past year by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, there are currently over 600,000 dogs who call this lively city home. And while there … Read more