Bird flu ‘prevention zone’ declared across Great Britain | Bird flu

The chief veterinary officers from England, Scotland and Wales have declared an avian influenza prevention zone after an increase in bird flu in wild birds and on commercial premises, the government has said. From midday on Monday it became a legal requirement for bird keepers in Great Britain to follow strict biosecurity measures, including keeping … Read more

Avian flu prevention zone comes into force across Great Britain

An avian influenza prevention zone (AIPZ) covering the whole of Great Britain has been declared, effective from noon today (October 17). The move follows a decision to raise risk levels for the virus from medium to high for both wild birds and captive birds at premises with biosecurity measures below required standards. The risk for … Read more

Bird flu zone rolls out in East Anglia

An avian influenza prevention zone (AIPZ) has been introduced in East Anglia following a number of bird flu cases in poultry and wild birds. UK deputy CVO Richard Irvine declared the AIPZ, which puts strict biosecurity measures on bird keepers for Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of Essex at noon today (September 27). The AIPZ applies … Read more

CVO issues warnings as avian influenza zone measures ease

UK CVO Christine Middlemiss has urged bird keepers to continue to follow enhanced biosecurity measures when formal restrictions are lifted tomorrow (August 16) following the country’s worst avian influenza outbreak. An avian influenza prevention zone (AIPZ) was put in place for the whole of Great Britain in November following discussions between Dr Middlemiss and her … Read more

Disease control zone lifted around Norfolk site after testing

A temporary control zone set up around a site in Norfolk last week amid fears of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), plus a second infection, has been lifted. A 10km temporary control zone, which also stretched over the county border into Suffolk, was declared around premises near Feltwell in West Norfolk on Thursday night (June 23) after … Read more

Defra declares 10km foot-and-mouth control zone in Norfolk

A 10km temporary control zone has been placed around a premises near Feltwell. Defra has declared a temporary control zone around premises in Norfolk as it tests for suspected foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in pigs. A 10km temporary control zone has been declared around a premises near Feltwell, in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk district, after … Read more