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Despite the menacing sky, I found the old men all resting in their field (apparently it had been raining on my OH at work all day so he gave up and went into town – sucks to be him!)

I love this photo. I feel that Haakon is telling Klængur how to take over The Mantel of Responsibility.

Haakon: “Now, what you do, young (ish) Klængur, is you lull her into a false sense of security and then you spook about a blade of grass that looked at you in a funny way! Do you understand? ”
Klængur: “Yer, yer, yer. I’m good at that! ”

Haakon (to himself): “I do not think he’s listening to me for a second”.
Klængur (to himself): “I wish the old fogey would realize I’ve got this!”

Meanwhile in Iacs-land, he is doing his unexpectedly handsome face.

With added Good Looks! I do not know this horse.

And so I left them all to it, happily chatting away.

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