This Bengal Cat Is Totally Adorable Even When He Catches A Ball With His Face

Being a Bengal cat from Perth, Australia, Virgil is an athletic boy who loves adventuring the bush and taking in all the sights. He enjoys stalking the wilds, smelling the flowers, and striking a handsome feline pose for Instagram fans. And his more than 50k fans can’t get enough of his Bengal beauty!

But for all his Bengal stealth, majesty, and athleticism, this silly cat can’t catch a ball. That’s right, a master of stealth and grace gets flummoxed when someone pitches a ball in his direction. Because his clumsiness in catch is just too cute, Virgil’s pawrents posted an Instagram reel of their goofy kitty trying to make a catch or two for our enjoyment! And believe us, you will enjoy Virgil’s attempts!


Not One for Pro Sports

While many cats could earn their place on the roster of any professional ball sports teams thanks to their prowess at snagging a ball from the air with their murder mittens, not all felines are made for games of catch. Just ask Virgil and his family. He may be a handsome and sleek Bengal, but Virgil’s catch skills could use some work.


In the spliced ​​clip of Virgil demonstrating his absolute “world-class lack of coordination,” one attempt at making a catch sees the ball bouncing off his nose. Virgil hops around, ready to grab it but watches his target bounce away instead. His look reads like one of “oh well” as he looks at the camera. Two more attempts at catch reveal Virgil taking the ball to the face before it bounces out of paws’ reach.

So, catch doesn’t seem to be Virgil’s game! But as buddy Indira the Bengal pointed out in the comments, “That takes talent to continuously get hit right in the face.”

How very true!

One Fantastically Handsome Bengal Boy

Though Virgil can’t add ‘professional catcher’ to his resume, his pride has not suffered. He knows he’s one handsome cat!


And in Virgil’s beautiful green eyes, being so good-looking entitles him to his parents’ dinner!

As you can see, Virgil is a mischievous boy! And somehow, he always seems to be right there on the spot to report when glasses “miraculously” fall off the counter! But for all his sassy ways, Virgil’s mommy says he’s “the purrfect man.”

Follow Virgil van Cat on Instagram to see if his catch game improves!


Feature Image: @ virgilthebengal /Instagram

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