Vets4Pets partners VetLed for civility training program for teams

Vets4Pets has launched what it claims could be a sector first by rolling out civility training to all its colleagues and partners.

The chain, part of Pets at Home Group, has partnered with training provider VetLed for the course, which it has developed following results from its inaugural Project Listen report.

More than 700 vets, nurses and support team members were surveyed as part of Project Listen, which set out to look at key challenges facing the profession. Challenging client behaviors was cited by 61% of respondents as requiring more support.


A VetLed poll, meanwhile, revealed 97% of respondents had been on the receiving end of incivility in practice.

Developed by VetLed in collaboration with Civility Saves Lives, the training aims to give Vets4Pets colleagues tools, knowledge, and confidence to spot incivility and manage it.

The bespoke training model is believed to be the first rolled out by a major veterinary employer.

‘Challenging behaviours’

Samantha Butler-Davies, veterinary clinical services manager at Vets4Pets, said: “This training is just one part of that, but it is so important as being on the receiving end of challenging behaviors doesn’t just have a negative impact on the health and well-being of our colleagues, but on team cohesion, team culture, and job satisfaction too.

“Incivility takes many forms, from disrespectful and impolite behaviors to deliberately aggressive body language, and we don’t want anyone to be a victim of this, as everyone has the right to work in a safe and secure environment.

“With their evidence-based approach, we’re confident the program developed by VetLed will equip our colleagues with practical tips that they can roll out in the workplace, and have made sure that the training we offer is both flexible and available to everyone, regardless of their role.”

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