VN Times Podcast, Ep 28: Lacey Pitcher on mental health and well-being

Lacey Pitcher tells us all about her new role at the RCVS as part of the Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) team, how the role aligns with her core values ​​and allows her to continue working in practice as a RVN locum.

Lacey shares how she balances these two roles, her thoughts on well-being within the profession and her top tips for looking after your own mental health.

Lacey Pitcher RVN

Lacey is a registered veterinary nurse originally based in South Wales, who has worked throughout the UK utilizing her qualification in a variety of roles. She is passionate about public education and communication, firmly believing in building bigger tables and not bigger walls.

Lacey has worked alongside rescue for a number of years and has a particular interest in brachycephalic breeds, given their increased welfare needs.

Lacey still works out-of-hours in emergency care, alongside her role at the RCVS.


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