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The weather forecast is not nice for the next couple of days – wind, rain, more wind – so I opened the gates and stable to let the old men have grass and shelter if they choose.

The downside is that I have to poo-pick (usually about a wheelbarrow’s worth a day) as I hate the mess having horses around always leaves. I am also followed everywhere!

The sheep are not happy – these two came to tell me this. Although I have made it so Iacs can’t go and stand in their shed (he does try), they are resentful until they get used to it.

Once the horses were sorted, I dashed over to see what to do about Vitamin. I decided to move her over the road to a small field which will offer more shelter and better grass. I gave her a huge bucket and put on her new rug. Then I added Newt, who was very good and helpful.

I can trust Newt not to attack Vitamin for wearing a rug, let alone rip it to shreds and leave teeth marks in her butt. He is not that kind of chap.

Meanwhile, Fivla was incandescent with rage at this decision because:-

  1. Her “best” friend had moved
  2. Her “best” friend had more grass
  3. Her “best” friend was wearing that heinous rug (it has to go in Fivla’s mind)
  4. Her “best” friend now had a new better friend!

I told Fivla to suck it up, buttercup. This was her own doing and no one else’s. If she could just be nicer, it could’ve been her in that field and not Newt.

I quickly drove home!

My view this afternoon. I do secretly like having the horses up around the house and I hope the sheep get over themselves.

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