Webinar to cover raw food risks and benefits

Raw feeding will be the focus when Horiba UK hosts the next free CPD webinar in its series on 7 July.

“Raw feeding part II – bacteriological risks and benefits in companion animals” is being hosted from 7:30 pm, with vet Conor O’Halloran providing an outline of the presentation before a Q&A session.

Inform decisions

The session follows an earlier one with Ian Wright on raw feeding and control of endoparasites in pets.

Horiba UK hopes all veterinary practice staff will be provided with useful information they can use to help owners make fully informed decisions when deciding what to feed their pets.

Points of discussion will include main pathogens that can cause issues, such as Escherichia coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella, and potential risks to owners.


Dr O’Halloran, who qualified as a vet from the University of Liverpool, has undertaken an MSc and PhD at The University of Edinburgh, and researched infectious diseases of dogs and cats.

Paul Lymer, veterinary business manager at Horiba UK, said: “Veterinary teams are in a unique position when it comes to supporting and advising owners on day-to-day care. However, they cannot dictate what owners must feed their pets.

“We appreciate though that raw feeding is definitely a topic which prompts discussion among both veterinary staff and pet owners. So, our latest CPD webinar will help to educate and present a balanced view, ensuring that although the choice remains with the owner on what to feed, veterinary staff are armed with the knowledge to help them do so safely. ”

For details and registration, visit the website.


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